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Patterned Imprinted concrete

It is essential to maintain this surface to avoid continued disrepair and health and safety issues. Imprinted concrete sealers will replenish and protect your surface to leave it virtually maintenance free.
We provide a deep clean, surface assessment, repairs and sealing service that will get your surface looking as good as new.
Prices from £10 per square metre ( depending on condition)
Please call for free assessment.


Charcoal black


Two tone deep red/black finish


Fully protected with professional sealants only


Deep cleaned prior to sealing

Patterned Imprinted concrete: Services

Expansion joints must be refilled.
We will always colour match where possible.
Observe the water droplets from rain that are demonstrating the protective quality of the sealants we use.

Patterned Imprinted concrete: Video
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