Decking Cleaning and Oiling in Southend

Over the last 15 years wooden decking has been widely laid across the Southend area to create patio's and to compliment garden features.

When first laid it looks great, but left neglected wooden decking will not only quickly lose it's visual appeal, it can also become quite dangerous.

Southend Surface Care offer a specialist 3 point process that not only cleans your decking, but leaves it protected and free from slippery green algae.

Step 1 - Pre treat approx five days before cleaning with a biocide to kill of algae

Step 2 - Low pressure clean to remove dirt and algae without damage to the timber

Step 3 - Once fully dry, apply two coats of quality decking oil to soak the goodness back into the timber, leaving it protected.

Once this process is complete an occasional application of biocide by water can is the only thing required to keep algae and green growth at bay.

Southend Surface Care offer great service at affordable prices, please get in touch on 07443 848026 to arrange your free quotation or complete our enquiry form. We can clean and oil decking in Hadleigh, Rayleigh, Leigh on Sea and Westcliff on Sea.